Donald "Waterloo" McLeod

The following excerpt is taken from: MacQuarrie, John R. Lansdowne Sketches: Battery Hill, Wilkins, Grant, Upper New Lairg. Pugwash, N.S. The author, 1975. (pp. 35 -36). 

"Waterloo" MacLeod
By J. B. King

   "Most venerable and striking of the pipers who discoursed lively Highland airs at the formal opening of the Pictou Branch was "Waterloo" MacLeod, so called because he had been in action with one of the Highland regiments under Wellington on the memorable day of Napoleon's final downfall.
    On his way home from the Pictou Landing celebration the night of May 31, 1867, he had a close call from being run down by a train that overtook him in the dark, the noise of its approach drowned in his own skirling as he marched along the new embankment.
    As a mere lad, "Waterloo" had been in the Peninsula with Sir John Moore, and participated in the famous retreat over the mountains to Corunna, where Sir John was killed by a round shot at the moment of victory. 
    According to Pictou tradition, "Waterloo" was the Highland soldier shown in a famous painting of the death of Sir John Moore as holding "the lanthorn dimly burning" while

"We buried him darkly at dead of night,
The sod with our bayonets turning-" 

   It is interesting to contemplate how the name Battery Hill was adopted especially in prerailroad days but it would be reasonable to assume that it was because of Waterloo MacLeod. His farm was by far the most easily discernable for miles around. There was one lone spruce tree on top of the hill that made the farm easily recognizable for miles around. From Green Hill Look-off (in 1935) a distance of 12 miles as the crow flies, it was clearly discernable.
    Now it is said that Dan Waterloo (Donald), the original settler, would walk back and forth on his high domain playing the bagpipes with enthusiasm. On a calm evening one can imagine that the pipes could be heard for miles and some wit might liken the situation to a battery and certainly there was Waterloo's hill."


"Waterloo" MacLeod's wife's headstone also located in New Lairg cemetery:

In Memory
Christy Mattheson
wife of
Donald McLeod
Nov. 14, 1861
AE 69 years.

Native of Sutherland