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Cape John Harbour Authority

Sterling Heighton is the president of the Cape John Harbour Authority, an association with 15 members and 5 board directors.  This association belongs to the Harbour Advisory Council, an 11-member council established in 1997 to encourage communication between the regionís Harbour Authorities and the governmentís small craft harbours branch. 

The federal government leases wharfs, like Cape John, to these local, non-profit harbour authorities who in turn maintain their wharf.  Most authorities set user fees to help care for the wharf.  At Cape John, a $200 fee is paid by each boat to tie up at the wharf each year.  This money barely covers day-to-day needs, but does help in costs such as power, and waste oil collection and disposal.  It is the governmentís responsibility to pay for capital projects at these wharfs but they have reduced the budget for these projects over the last 10 years so that there is not enough money to meet the demands.  Small Harbour Authorities, such as Cape John, must fundraise money to help meet costs.  The wharf is 10 years past itís 50-year expectancy


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