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One of the farms in the area.

Farmers and Teachers School 
This school was built in 1902.
This is a wooden mallet that carpenters would use to hammer pegs.
:Carpenters Mine" 
These are examples of rocks that miners used to mine for foundations of buildings.
This is the blacksmith shop. These men make horseshoes, wagon wheels, and in the same category, shoemakers, made human shoes.
Blacksmiths and Tailors Suit 
These men and women made the suits and other attire for the local folk.
The men of the mills made boards and such building supplies for carpenters.
Millworkers and Clerks Main Street 
The men and women in the area ran businesses such as motels, grocery and drugstores.
There were  2 doctors and  3 trained physicians in River John at this time. (the old drugstore)
Doctors and Clergymen Church 
This is the SALEM United church of River John. The current pastor is Mr. David Eagles.
This shows the Kitchin shipyard and his home in the background.
Shipbuilding and Transportation Transportation 
The Gammon House was the orginal location of the stagecoach.
Barbers would not only cut hair but they also shaved their male customers.
Barbers and Laborers Laborers 
These men were the un-skilled workers.