Books and Other Resources

Your public library is committed to bringing you a wide range of books, articles, and DVD's about World War One. To make your reading and viewing easier we have provided this list of resources. It will be growing over the next four years so check back often. If you know of a title we have missed, please let us know.

For young readers and future historians


  • WWI: The Complete Story (Witness the crucial battles and events fo the 20th century)
    Narrated by Robert Ryan CBS News 100th Memorial Edition
    "The War to End All Wars" Produced by CBS television in the early 1960's this unflinching 26 episode series is more than just the history of this global conflict; it is also a photo album of the early twentieth'll meet the men and machines that fought the war and witness every major battle and event of this global struggle. No other collection offers such a complete overview of one of histories most destructive conflicts.
  • A War to End All Wars: World War One
    A lavish production featuring two fascinating and unique tales of World War I, this Reality Films DVD is an absolute must for any World War enthusiast. Complete with historical re-enactments and battle scenes, historically researched costumes and locations all across Europe help the viewer live and feel the experience firsthand.
  • WWI: the War to End all Wars
    A unique, 10 part, comprehensive look at the war that shaped the 20th century. This is more than a historical or military account of WW1, it is a riveting and personal account of a defining moment in world history.
  • WW1: The Great War
    This collectible video-book features over 7 hours of footage and 28 pages of detailed history and fascinating photos that bring "the war to end all wars” vividly to life."