Energy Star rated Appliances and Equipment

energy starAs we selected appliances and equipment for the building, such as refridgerators, computers, and projectors, we were careful to select only Energy Star rated items. Energy Star is an international rating system that brands items as among the top energy efficient products available. It helps consumers confidently choose truly efficient products and encourages manufacturers to design for a sustainable future. Look for the Energy Star symbol as you choose your own appliances and equipment.



thin clientEven when we selected our computer network, we looked for a green solution. You will notice the computers have no traditional towers, rather small boxes mounted to the backs of the monitors. These are are called zero or thin clients; where most of the computing is done at a central server then sent to the client. Each unit uses less than 3 watts of power. For the CAP site, this allows all the energy needs to be satisfied by the solar power system. Carbon neutral!