Geothermal Heating & Cooling

well drillerActually called a closed loop ground source heat pump system, the library takes heat from the ground in the winter and stores heat in the ground in the summer. Under the parking lot, directly behind the theatre, are thirteen 500 foot wells. These wells have loops of pipe in them, grouted to the sides, containing a glycol solution. In the winter the solution is pumped from the building through the wells, picking up heat as it goes. The heat is then transferred to the heating and cooling system of the building to be dispersed. In the summer, this is reversed. It is estimated the system will take care of all the cooling and about 75% of the heating for the building.



pumpsUnder the expanded parts of the library are in-floor radiant heat pipes that further reduce the heating need as the concrete floor slab is heated internally and acts as a large radiant heat source. As well, the ventilation system transfers heat from exhausted internal air to incoming fresh air, which will require less energy when raised to a desirable