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  The Caldera Ship Caldera, built by Alexander MacKenzie at River John in 1884. The Caldera was owned by Daniel Sutherland of Pictou until 1899, perhaps longer, and made one voyage around the world. 

 The Caldera was launched two weeks after the Warrior. She was supposedly a very beautiful ship, her figurehead carved by her master - builder. The Caldera was in fact as large a ship as the Warrior, having a length of 230.5 ft., a breadth of 39.5 ft., and a depth of 24.1 ft., although her registered tonnage was only 1575 tons. Thus the Warrior has been honoured as the largest wooden ship built in Pictou County. 

 Though owned by Daniel Sutherland of Pictou, the Caldera was first commanded by Captain Alexander MacKenzie. 

(Taken from "Ships of the North Shore".) 

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