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  The parents of John Mockler immigrated to Pictou County from Cashel, Ireland, in the early 1810's. John's father was a cooper by trade, and possibly worked at shipbuilding also. Born in 1809 at Brule, John settled in river John in the mid 1830's, opened a store, and in 1844 bought land on River John's west side, suitable for the setting up of a shipyard. He launched only ten vessels from that location, before moving his yard to Brule in 1855 and continuing to build a significant number of vessels there. He had four sons, all of whom became sea captains, and one a shipbuilder also. Patrick Mockler sailed for forty years in either his father's ships, or in those he built himself either at Brule or at Port Philip. He died unmarried in 1930, after becoming a substantial benefactor to St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish. 

(Compiled by Sarah Hockin) 

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