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  George Smith established a shipyard at a point of land at the extreme end of the village of River John, named after him, "Smith's Point". George Smith, member for Pictou, writes to Lt. Gov Harvey, March 17, 1849, to ask for a situation. He says he had formerly served in the Legislature "for nearly thirty years". ".....owing to the depression in the business of timber and shipbuilding in which I was engaged for nearly forty years, I was, with many others driven from business - with an anxious desire to remain in the Province I obtained the introduction (from Earl Grey in 1848) to your Excellency and you were pleased to say should any vacancy take place or appointment made necessary which my friends who acted with me in the legislature being now your Excellency's proud advisers, could recommend such would meet with your favorable consideration on my application." ( Taken from the Public Archives of Nova Scotia.) 
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