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Cairns, monuments and statues have been erected throughout Antigonish Town and County. They serve to commemorate individuals, groups and organizations which have contributed to our history and shared identity.

The purpose of his site is to identify these commemoratives - their location, and their association.

MacDougall Cairn.

[Clan Cairns]

St. Francis Xavier University located in Antigonish, Nova Scotia was founded in 1853 by Colin F. MacKinnon, a Catholic bishop of Scottish descent. The campus hosts statues of St. Francis Xavier as well as Bishop John Cameron. This politically minded religious figure founded the Sisters of St. Martha's and Mount Saint Bernard -- a female school of higher education, amongst other achievements.

In addition to others, historical information and images of the statues of these religious figures are available on the monuments page.

This cenotaph was erected as a tribute to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice during World War I.

Construction of this memorial was undertaken by Arsenault Monuments during October and November of 1937. A dedication and unveiling ceremony was held on November 11th of that year.

[ WWI Cenotaph 1914-1918]

The Commemorative Monuments project has been sponsored by the Pictou-Antigonish Regional Library.