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Lighthouse Timeline


First lighthouse built


Lighthouse destroyed by fire


New lighthouse built


Third lighthouse built

Original (1861) Lighthouse Specifications

The original Cape George Lighthouse consisted of the following characteristics as reported in Sessions Papers of 1875 (no.4 Vol.8.).

Iron lantern ten feet in diameter, with eight sides, glazed with 18x12 glass, six spare panes being on hand the light shows all round, and the revolving frame has two triangular faces with three A lamps, and 12-inch reflectors in each. There are also two spare lamps with one reflector. About 120 gallons of oil are used here yearly, and forty- seven gallons were delivered when the light was inspected on June 20th. Three oil-tanks are supplied. The lantern is placed on the top of the dwelling, and there is an oil-stove and fuel-house 24x20. The buildings are in good order and new double windows have been supplied. The lantern deck will have to be stripped and re-covered with canvas, the materials being at the station and the work will be done next year. Mr. David Condon was appointed keeper in 1861.

Second (1908) Lighthouse Specifications

The second Cape George Lighthouse consisted of the following characteristics as reported in Sessions Papers of 1909 (Vol# XLIII, no.12).

A new wooden lighthouse tower and keeper's dwelling was built at this station in Antigonish County. The tower is octagonal in plan with sloping sides, surmounted by an octagonal iron lantern, and is 54 feet 6 inches high from it's base to apex of lantern. the dwelling is of framework, on concrete foundation, and is 26 feet by 24 feet by 14 feet 4 inches high. The work was done by contract by Mr. E. F. Munro of Westville, N.S. The contract price being $3,097, with an additional $213.56 for necessary changes to the buildings.         

Lighthouse Keepers

First lightkeeper- David Condon (1861-1898). For 29 years the Condon family operated the Cape George Lighthouse. This included David Condon's son W. J. Condon.

Second lightkeeper- Alex L. MacEachern (1898-1919). Alex MacEachern was appointed September 8th, 1898 at a salary of $450.00 per annum.

Third  lightkeeper- Charles Albert Falkenham (1919-1952)

Fourth lightkeeper- William Clark (1952-1968)

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