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Lens from the rebuilt lighthouse of 1908

This lens originates from the rebuilt lighthouse of 1908. It is constructed from cut glass prisms and is quite rare and unique. It can now be found in the Bluefin Tuna Interpretation Centre at Ballantyne's Cove wharf (See below). 

The lens is a third order dioptric triple flashing light having the following characteristics: flash...2.5 seconds, eclipse...1.00 seconds, flash...2.5 seconds, eclipse...1.00, flash...2.5 seconds, eclipse...4.75 seconds. The total period being 7.50 seconds. The illuminant is petroleum vapour burned under an incandescent mantle. Candle power, 55, 000. (Sessional papers 20a to 21. Vol.#XLIV, No.11, 1910.Pg.#70)

Bluefin Tuna Interpretation Centre
Bluefin Tuna Interpretation Centre, Ballantyne's Cove, NS

Ballantyne's Cove Wharf
Ballantyne's Cove Wharf

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