Margaret (MacGillivray) MacDonald

Margaret (MacGillivray) MacDonald Margaret (Peggy) MacGillivray, worked in Hollywood on #70 turret lathe. Margaret remained there until June 1945, at which time she was accepted at a hairdresser’s school in Moncton. However, her uncle, who owned a store on Trenton Road became ill and she was asked to help out for a week. That week last 9 years.

In 1954, Margaret found employment at Simpson Sears in New Glasgow and remained there for 9 years. She resigned from Simpson Sears to return home to Bailey’s Brook, Pictou County to care for her ailing mother. In 1963 she accepted a position with Maritime Medical Care, Inc., which eventually became Medical Services Insurance (MSI) in Halifax. She later became Branch Manager and transferred to her old stomping grounds – New Glasgow. There, she was responsible for all MSI activities in Antigonish, Pictou and Guysbrough Counties

In 1974, Margaret married Jerome MacDonald and moved to Anchorage, Alaska, where Jerome was employed with Atlantic Richfield Oil Company. In Anchorage, Margaret worked part time for a lady who owned several stores, (jewellery, liquor, gifts, etc.) and enjoyed meeting a wide variety of people from Eskimos to Andrei Gromeko, Russian Foreign Minister. He broke away from his security men and came in the gift shop. One of the items he bought from her was a cloth patch which read, “Don’t eat yellow snow”. Margaret says she could write a book on her Alaskan experiences.

In 1983, Jerome and Margaret retired and moved to Lismore, N.S., where they formed Jermar Wall Decorating and were the first ones east of Ontario in the liquid wallpaper business. Margaret’s hobbies include leatherwork, bunka, cross country skiing, golf and last, but not least, curling. She curled out of Halifax, Westville and Anchorage. While in Alaska, Margaret represented the State seven times outside of the State. In 1978, she curled on a rink that finished second in the U.S., and on another in 1979 tired for third in the U.S. She also played on a rink that won the gold medal at the Arctic Winter Games in the Northwest Territories. In addition to playing the game, Margaret is an avid fan and has traveled throughout Canada and the U.S. and as far as Sweden, Switzerland, Germany and Scotland to watch the Silver Broom. She is also kept busy with church and community affairs. One of her projects was helping to organize the Gunshop Reunion, which was held in Trenton in August 1986. She also started the publications “The Gunshop Memory Club” a newsletter which is issued bi-monthly, in the same year, and continues as editor.

-Jerome MacDonald