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Depending on where you are living within Anitgonish or Pictou County there are a variety of different avenues for receiving the news. The following contains information about newspapers, radio stations, websites, etc. that cover the news for small communities, to provincial and national.


The main paper for news about the province of Nova Scotia is the Chronicle Herald, and then depending on where you live there are newspapers that focus on smaller areas. For Antigonish specifically there is The Casket and in Pictou County there are two local newspapers: New Glasgow News and The Advocate.


Stations are available throughout the area. To find a list of stations that you should be able to pick up search "radio" on the Yellow Pages.

  • Non-local stations: are available through the radio stations websites. If you enjoy listening to a radio station that is not available on the radio in your area, go to the radio stations website and find their listen live section.

Websites/TV Channels:

The news is also offered on a variety of TV channels and their websites. Three popular channels for news are:

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